Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams was conceived and developed by Joe Campanella starting in 2014. Mr. Campanella, MAI, a Wharton Graduate, is a lifelong entrepreneur, a student of human potential, psychology, spirituality, yoga, meta physics, and shamanism.  He has participated in the Mankind Project (MKP) for 18 years, and has been a student of shamanism for 20 years.

Terese Reamer, MS, LGPC has had a life-long interest in psychology, spirituality, and the creative arts and has a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University.  She has worked for many years in vocational rehab dealing with clients who have lost their ability to participate in work and community because of various mental and physical disabilities.  Ms. Reamer has been a key part of the development team at Peer-Pods for 5 years.

Mr. Campanella saw the great untapped potential within the average person could be liberated and developed if they had a place and a practice to help them separate from the childhood identity that keeps so many stuck in a victim mentality.  Peer-Pods provides the functional initiation into adult spiritual life that has been lost for centuries.

Mr. Campanella recognized the need for a place where people could connect authentically and intimately around the deepest issues of their lives to explore their own truth and capacity for healing.  

Peer-Pods mission is to heal and transform the planet, from the inside-out, one Peer-Pod at a time. We recognize that many of society’s problems are extensions of past unresolved issues experienced by the individuals in the culture. We believe the most productive and sustainable path to healing the culture is by first healing the individuals.  

Our goal is to unleash the creative and transformative potential within each individual by providing for them a convenient “place and practice” where they can have deep authentic connection, a place to clear old stories, a place to work with The Great Mystery to create new ones, while being in a practice format and supported by others doing the same work.

We are calling to healers and caregivers of all kinds asking that you participate in this revolutionary healing program and share your experience with those you love.