These are common questions and answers about the Peer-Pods Process, the Peer-Pods Community, and the Peer-Pods Community’s commitments to Members and the public at large.

1) What is a Peer-Pod?  It’s a Revolutionary Healing Platform that will speed up your personal evolution and build conscious community.  We teach you how the process works and then you “work it” with two other Pod Mates on a one hour phone call once a week. The practice helps you clear what is blocking or triggering you and enables you to develop your unique gifts more rapidly. Participants say results are much more focused than traditional recovery programs and that they experience positive benefits much faster. Peer-Pods is much less expensive than traditional talk therapy.

 2) Who is Peer-Pods for?  Peer-Pods is a practice designed to speed recovery from harmful patterns, build a renewal practice, and develope personal resilience, the capacity to thrive in adversity.  There are several peer groups we have focused on.  They are:

a) Professional therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses, and professional healers from integrative medicing specialties.

b) Individuals in Recovery, not just from addictions and other negative patterns but those in recovery from illness, loss, or major life trauma like death, divorce, major depression or anxiety.

c) Adult Children of Alcoholics and Addicts - Those challenged with Adverse Childhood Experiences that have led to negative patterns as coping strategies.

d) Institutions who want to provide Peer-Pods to their employees, members or clients.

3) How does Peer-Pods work? – Three people supporting each other to thrive, heal, and grow meet on a phone call once a week. Three Pod Mates play roles for each other as “worker, facilitator, & witness.” You learn to effectively partner with the Inner Healer to heal and grow. You learn clearing, reclaiming, integrating at your own pace. This is a new recovery tool more focused and efficient than other methods. Peer-Pods is a revolutionary form of relationship that is a “seed of community.”

4) Why be in a Peer-Pod?  Lost your power?  Are you having the same kinds of negative experiences over and over?  Do you find it harder and harder to be real and authentic? Is your comfort zone contracting because of childhood stories and limiting beliefs?  Are you projecting your disowned experiences on to others making them responsible? Are you using avoidance and soothing strategies to mask your pain?  Millions do! These coping strategies cause immense suffering, and frequently anxiety, depression, addiction, and divorce. Worst of all your unique gifts are blocked from being available to you or your family or community. Worse still, if you don’t resolve the underlying issues then you pass the dysfunction on to your children. Peer-Pods provides the opportunity to heal intergenerational dysfunction.

5) How does a Peer-Pod help? You will find the originating event, clear, reclaim and integrate your repressed experiences from early life. This enables you to experience full presence and full hearted living through a focused ongoing practice and supportive community.

6) What is unique about Peer-Pods? We teach you the peer facilitated process then you “work it” one hour per week on the phone with your Pod Mates. The practice allows for integration and “soft accountability” where you work at your own pace in a Peer-Pod, a group of three peers. Participants say it is more focused and efficient than other recovery programs. Peer-Pods are more cost efficient than therapy. Peer-Pods has a spiritual element because you work consciously with The Inner Healer to accomplish what you have been unable to do on your own.

7) Benefits: Pod Mates experience deep healing in an efficient process to reclaim and integrate disowned parts.  You quickly clear blocks that have been obstacles for years and in a safe and sacred container. The originating events that stimulate the need for a "work around" are reframed and the need to "seek relief" dissolves.  Thus, the need for an addictive or compulsive behavior dissolves.  You have a direct healing experience of The Inner Healer every week.  You have intimacy without romantic entanglement.  A Peer-Pod is the seed of community and teaches us how to accept ourselves and be of service to others for the common good. This practice speeds personal and collective evolution. Suffering diminishes and peace and empowerment expand.

8) What happens without Peer-Pods?  The same blocks, entanglements and shadows will block you, limit you, trip you up, and shoot you in the foot for years to come.  Your unique gifts will be obstructed by your unconscious fears and beliefs.  These same unconscious patterns will be passed on to your children. There will be more suffering and less peace.  This is true for individuals, your families, your work places, and your communities.

9) What changes can I expect by being in a Peer-Pod?  Our study members have shown remarkable results beyond what we expected.  Relationship Skills increased 44% from the start of the practice; there was a 50% improvement in “Personal Growth;” Health and Wellness was reported to have improved +/-50%; there was a 63% increase in Spiritual Connection.

10) Is there privacy?  Yes, all sessions are completely private between you and your Pod Mates. Everyone signs a binding statement to protect each others' privacy.  You have the option of recording your calls for your private use only. We may ask if we can record your calls for research purposes but this will require your written permission.

11) Is there a spiritual element to the process?  Yes, every session starts by calling for spiritual help to be available and ends by thanking The Mystery for whatever help was brought. The process allows for all faith traditions to participate and even accommodates atheists.  All voices of good will and healing intent are welcomed. During the process The Mystery (The Inner Healer) is often called upon to help in the healing.  Often gifts are exchanged with The Inneer Healer and this gift becomes the Seed Metaphor upon which you build a new Ascending Story of Renewal.

12) What commitment am I making by joining?  We train you and suggest that you participate in 12 weeks before deciding if Peer-Pods is right for your healing and evolution.  This will give you an opportunity to play each of the three roles of “Worker”, “Witness”, and “Facilitator at least twice. You can, however, drop out at any time with a refund for any unused part of your training or membership fee.  The Peer-Pods Training costs $797 or a monthly payment of $285 for three months.

13) How Does It Work? Peer-Pods is an ongoing practice that starts with identifying what provokes or triggers you. Once these triggers are identified the Peer-Pod’s Process is applied to the triggers to dissolve the painful patterns connected to the triggers. The process uses everyday experiences of being triggered to clear unconscious material.  The more you clear, the more present and heart engaged you become, and the less you suffer. The process is learned through the Member Training where you role-play being facilitator, witness, and worker. The learned process is then implemented weekly on the one hour Pod call.

14) What are the Benefits of being in a Peer-Pod for Individuals? You learn to work effectively with The Inner Healer.  This skill is profoundly life changing! The process reduces your suffering dramatically and expands your acceptance for the disowned parts of self and others. Personal intimacy deepens as your capacity to be present expands. You learn to work with fear as an ally.  You begin to take responsibility for your own suffering which is necessary to move out of victim orientation and into personal empowerment. You also learn to listen deeply as a witness and also to provide peer facilitation of another’s process.

15) What are the Benefits for Community? For a community, Peer-Pods provide the foundational clearing and intimacy-building practice that develops an individual’s character, integrity and accountability. These traits, when developed, enable the individual to bring their unique gifts and talents to the community and the world.  If you are a clinic manager, corporate leader, a community leader, a teacher, trainer, coach, a therapist, healer, yogi, or anyone interested in building a more conscious community, Peer-Pods will help you to sustain and grow your community.  The Peer-Pods practice connects people to themselves, their Pod Mates, and the larger community in the practice.

16) What about Confidentiality? How do you make it safe to share?  Each participant in a Peer-Pod agrees to maintain strict confidentiality about the work done on the calls. The Pod is a sacred space and all participants agree to do whatever necessary to protect the confidentiality of the Pod.  The only exception is if a Pod Mate is believed to be a threat to themselves or others.  In this situation, the Pod Mate in duress is given options for disclosure based on their previously made agreement to engage certain third parties in the event of duress. This agreement is required to bring this issue to the attention of those on our counseling staff or at your organization.

17) What are Possible Risks?  The risks of being in a Peer-Pod are minimal.  Being in sacred space and in the presence of trusted Pod Mates the risks of losing your poise are minimal and much lower than in an unsupported setting. It could happen, however, that a Pod Mate would encounter a challenging episode during a call or during an integration process. If this should arise Pod Mates would respond by referring the Pod Mate in duress to a licensed and trained medical professionals or counseling staff based on the protocol all Pod Mates agree to for handling duress situations.

18) How will I be able to use these skills in my personal or professional life?  Peer-Pods provides a proactive renewal and resilience building practice. The ongoing clearing, reclaiming, and integrating processes are part of living a healthy balanced life. These skills cultivate the fertile soil in which an empowered life grows. Deep listening, witnessing, and facilitating the processes of others, are skills that help you and others to bring forward their best, most authentic self.  In that sense, these skills help you in all your relationships whether they are with your boss, your client, your spouse, your parents, or your children.

19) What other resources are available to support the Pods?  We are building a platform of resources that support recovery, renewal and resilience including those that support the development of an interactive community, online and “on the ground.”  Local counselors are available to the Pod Mates as are a variety of other professional healing modalities. As our membership grows we will sponsor events on various topics of interest.


20) What about Community building?  How does that happen?  A Community Trainer will be identified for organization and they will be supported to organiza their local community on the ground and on-line.  These organizers will be the managers of various forums and programs to build and sustain community around the Peer-Pods Process. These include an online forum and an “on the ground” monthly meeting.  Each community may have its own cobranded Peer-Pods web site that will be connected to the Peer-Pods home site. We will provide social media programming to help develop the local online community and a series of “on the ground” meetings where Pod Mates can share face to face and engage in group process work of various kinds.


21) What are examples of Triggers?  

Examples are:

* Your day long rage about being cut off by a driver on the way to work has nothing to do with being cut off on the road. You were triggered.

* When you go numb with fear of abandonment when you partner gets an email from a former lover your reaction has nothing to do with the email. You were triggered.

* If you want to quit your job when your boss criticizes your work, your wanting to quit has little to do with what your boss said or did. You were triggered.

* When your parent or authority figure condemns and criticizes your actions because they are afraid and you then spend the rest of the day in collapse telling yourself how you are not good enough, this is you being triggered. Your collapse is not because of their criticism rather it is about the meaning you make of it. Your pattern of “playing small” and “not stepping into your power” is not because of them. It is because you are getting triggered.

* When your partner says something that triggers you, at that point, you have left the current moment and are replaying in your head an earlier event. You lost the capacity to be present because you have been triggered. It has nothing to do with what your partner has done.

* When you yell at your children or spouse because they have triggered you. It is not about them. It is not about the circumstance of the encounter with them. It’s about you being triggered.


22) How do I get more information to join the Peer-Pod Community Now?  To learn more about Peer-Pods and be on our mailing list for notice about workshops and services near you.  Go to: peerpodhelp@gmail.com or call 443-583-4510.