How does Peer-Pods work?

The Basic Formula Overview: 

What we repress and disown about ourseleves we project on to others and our circumstances. These projections are defenses, mostly untrue, and lead to us being triggered. 

These triggers carry a feeling thread that can be tracked back to an originating event.  These originating events can be found, reframed, and the energy reclaimed through a structured dialogue that often includes the "Inner Healer" or "The Mystery".

Once the originating event is brought to conscious awareness the need for an avoidance strategy is greately diminished.  Once the need to avoid is diminished, the negative patterns dissolve.

Unconscious energy becomes conscious.  Masking, pretense, inauthenticity, and the barriers to being seen and heard dissolve.  The ability to be authentic and real expands dramatically.  Energy is reclaimed for conscious choice making.

Ongoing engagement with the "Inner Healer" or "The Mystery" teaches us how to ask and receive help from "The Unknown" in a constructive and effective way.  Life is then seen as a good friend and teacher.

This amazing support from "The Mystery" enables us to trust life in deep and healing ways.  This leads to a significant heart opening.

More energy for conscious choice making and more heart engagement leads to profound personal empowerment.  

Background Assumptions

Almost all violence is committed when you are triggered because you lose your capacity to be present.

The origin of all violence is when you disown parts of yourself.

It is ironic that when you disown a part of yourself you project it on to others and often make them wrong.

The very thing you cannot accept in yourself is the very thing you reject in others.

Once you know how this works you can use your triggers to lead you back to the part of yourself you have rejected. Finding and reframing the originating event and reclaiming the energy is what the Peer-Pods process does.

Make a list of what has triggered you in the last few months. This is where the healing can begin with your Pod Mates. These triggers will lead to the “originating events” that you are avoiding through your addictions, compulsions, and negative patterns you can't seem to stop doing.