Peer-Pods Community

The Peer-Pods Community is made up of members who are engaged in the practice and many supportive professionals that represent a variety of healing modalities.

We have a panel of therapists and healers who support our members with issues that can better be addressed in talk therapy and other healing modalities.

Pod-Life tm

Life in a Peer Pod is an extraordinary new form of relationship that enables three equal Pod Mates to share authentically, support each other in respect and deep intimacy, and witness extraordinary healing events week after week. Your relationships with your Pod Mates will be more authentic and intimate than most others you will ever have.

You become "brothers and sisters," each sharing the hero’s journey while in service to the others. Your healing becomes their healing and theirs becomes yours. New versions of your best destiny emerge as you share sacred space to restructure your identity that is more in alignment with your truth. You share each other’s greatest losses and nurture the seeds of the ascending stories those losses were meant to birth.

In time, great compassion arises for yourself and all of humanity. Pod Life is an intimate and sharing service each Pod Mate extends to fellow Pod Mates. By so doing you receive more than you ever imagined possible in an intimate relationship.

Since the Peer-Pods Process often reaches out to The Inner Healer there is an ongoing healing encounter with The Unknown that provides exactly what the Pod Mate needs. These Gifts from The Inner Healer are used as Seed Metaphors to germinate an Ascending Story that the Pod Mate then weaves to integrate the insight and transformative experience that occurred on their healing journey.


Pod Mates make agreements with each other, to show up, to hold sacred and confidential the work, to be generous and honest and clear with each other, to look for the best in each other, to listen deeply, to act with courage and support each other’s accountability, to turn toward the suffering, to stand for truth in love.

Why share your suffering?

Your personal response to your suffering is the very action that grows your unique gifts. In your Peer-Pod you learn how to respond to your obstacles skillfully so they become opportunities. Problems become possibilities. Soon, every experience, good or bad, is an invitation to empowerment.

This shift marks a profound change in how you experience life.  Peer-Pods has the potential to change our culture for the better one person at a time, from the inside out.  Will you join us?