The Practice 

The Practice

Carl Jung said almost 100 years ago, “If you do not make conscious what is unconscious within you it will drive you and you will call it fate.”

Peer-Pods teach you, through direct experience, that whatever you consider "the evil other” originates within.

The process starts with what “triggers” you and moves to find, reframe, and reclaim the unconscious previous experience that is the originating event.


Once these experiences are reintegrated, the “triggers” go away. The suffering ends! You are no longer provoked by that issue!

The need for relief decreases.

You stop doing the same unconscious things that harm you and others.

In the Peer-Pod Process you reclaim a lot of present-moment awareness from these unconscious experiences.

In the Peer-Pod Process you learn to trust each other as equals and have compassion for the human condition.

This experience enables your heart to become engaged again after years of being shut down with suffering or protective masking.

Your heart wisdom will come back online.

Pod-Mates recognize that the clearing, reclaiming, and integrating of the unconscious parts is a fundamental skillset necessary for the movement out of victim identity and into empowerment and mastery.

The Peer-Pod Process facilitates an identity restructuring that amounts to an initiation into adult life but at your own pace.

The combination of gentle peer accountability, and the conscious asking for help from The Inner Healer, keeps you engaged in the recovery and renewal process at your own best pace.

This is why we say that Peer-Pods provides, “An Initiation at Your Own Pace.”

Pod-Mates build relationships of authenticity, healing and trust.  All Pods need the fertile soil of conscious relationship and community to flower. So too, Pod-Mates have an ongoing forum to exchange your insights and transformative experiences. Pod-Lifetm is a place where its safe to be real.

Peer-Pods supports a community of trained members and professionals to nurture a dynamic and sustainable community.  Our many resources help you to build a personal practice of sustainable  transformation and renewal.

Resilience is built through a practice of ongoing renewal.  Resilience means the ability to encounter challenge and difficulty and emerge a stronger and more resourceful person.