Who is Peer-Pods for?

Peer-Pods provide important transformative and healing benefits for: therapists, social workers, doctors, nurses and other professionals involved in integrative healing practices such as accupuncturists, yogis, rekei practitioners, massage therapists and health & wellness coaches.

Clinics and Organizations can also receive a number of benefits by implementing Peer-Pods for their clients and employees too. Below is description of how Peer-Pods can benefit each of these groups.

For Medical Professionals, Social Workers, Therapist, Integrative Healers, and Coaches

Professional therapists, social workers, healers, and coaches are all confronted with the need for an ongoing personal renewal practice to:

             1) keep clearing, reframing, and integrating your personal issues to build resilience and,

             2) so that their own issues do not impact their counseling, healing, or coaching work.

Working intimately with others requires special facilitation and witnessing skills that can be progressively improved through your own work in a Peer-Pod.

Having a skilled and caring support group that is not from your immediate professional circle can provide alternative guidance and support free from professional bias and expectations.

In some places, we will have available a Continuing Education Certificate for your work in a Peer-Pod.

Peer-Pods provides a platform and practice to recommend to your clients when they leave your active care and move into a continuing care situation.

It is focused, inexpensive and easy for those who have mobility issues.


The individual has the capacity to transform and evolve to the extent they are conscious and have the tools, the training, the support and a place to engage in a sustainable program of personal renewal.

Whether the individual is seeking addiction recovery or simply a personal program for renewal to build resilience the Peer-Pods practice provides the tools, the training, the support, and a place where this work can be sustained.

We are developing targeted programs for specific addictions and the families of those in recovery. Most of these programs require that the individual first be trained in the Peer-Pods practice and that they are a practicing member.

For Clinics & Organizations

Clinics often need an effective continuing care options for their clients once they have completed the intensive inpatient rehab process. Peer-Pods is an effective and inexpensive compliment to 12-Step Groups and/or talk therapy. Further, the distance learning format and the phone call format of the practice make Peer-Pods an excellent complement for clients who do not want to travel to meetings or therapy sessions.

Organizations that have employee health and wellness programs will find that Peer-Pods is an excellent addition to their package of benefits. Not only will it help employees who have challenges with addictions, the Peer-Pods practice goes to the root of causality for issues of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is now found to be effective at reducing sick days and turnover, and improving performance and employee satisfaction.

Peer-Pods is an ongoing source of renewal and builds resilience for employees.  It works through a deeply personal teaching method founded on direct experience about how to love and respect yourself and therefore others.  

The practice produces an enhanced capacity to be in relationship, to be resilient in the face of your  challenges. You live with more awareness, compassion and understanding for the causes of human suffering and how to help yourself and others transform through challenge.