Why Peer-Pods?

Why Do Humans Have A Need for Ongoing Renewal?

Humans want to look good and avoid looking bad.  But this has cost us dearly.  The masking and pretense most of us live under is killing us slowly and starving us of our potentency which comes from being authentic and in alignment with our truth.

The elders and ancients saw that humans need to be authentic and in integrity with each other and themselves to thrive and prosper. The wisdom traditions created ongoing renewal rituals to periodically clear the masks and pretenses that stifle our life force and creativity.  

Christianity has the process of Reconciliation, Judaism has Teshuva, Buddhism has Samyama because these traditions recognize the need to continuously renew your identity structure.

However, today in western culture, participation in organized religion has decreased to less than 20%.  Even fewer people have a regular practice of ongoing clearing and renewal.  

Without a practice of ongoing renewal we loose our capacity to be resilient.  Resilience is the ability to encounter challenge and difficulty and come out stronger.

Peer-Pods provides the ongoing opportunity for deep authentic healing connection and ongoing renewal.  This is what builds resilience!

What is the Costs of No Renewal Practice?

What price have we paid for loosing our renewal practices?  What will our losses be in the future? 

If we look more deeply the costs are staggering because most of our population does not have an ongoing renewal practice. Without it, our individual capacity to transform and evolve is profoundly limited.  Peer-Pods changes this.

In the last 100 years alone, world-wide, we have killed over 200 million people in wars. Our repressed experiences become projections and the "evil other" is blamed for our suffering because we have not learned to be responsible for ourselves.  

In the USA millions and millions of people seek relief from their suffering through addictions, compulsions, depression, and anxiety because they do not have the tools to find and reframe these repressed originating events from early life.   Peer-Pods changes this!

Even worse, the dysfunctional patterns are passed on to our children and grandchildren.

Why is Peer-Pods a Revolutionary Healing Platform? 

Over the last 100+ years, it has been easier to get relief through an addiction than to renew through therapy or religious practice, until now. Now, Peer-Pods makes it easier than ever for someone in recovery to get to the underlying originating event that is the cause of their addiction.

You can discover it, reframe it, reclaim it, and integrate the energy through a clear and effective process that can be learned online. And the Peer-Pod practice is done in a 1 hour phone call each week.

The previous barriers to a renewal practice of access, cost, and time, have been eliminated by Peer-Pods.

CG Jung recognized that it is vital for a person to encounter their unconscious on a regular basis if they are to become individuated. Peer-Pods provides an ongoing opportunity to work effectively with The Inner Healer to restructure parts of your identity that your ego simply cannot transform.

We are grateful to be bringing this “Initiation at Your Own Pace” to our friends and communities. It is sorely needed.

The next step in human evolution is to step beyond the limitations of your ego and personality by learning to work effectively with The Mystery, The Inner Healer.  

It is, after all, by loving and accepting all of yourself that you become whole.   

Life is a gift and miracle and the Peer Pods Process reminds you of this fact continuously through direct experiences. That, alone, is reason enough for every person on the planet to be in a Peer-Pod.