Are you experiencing...  

Burn Out? Depression? Anxiety? Isolation? Loss Of Motivation? Relationship Issues? Addictions? 

Then you need to...

  • Learn how to successfully adapt to your life's challenges 
  • Grow stronger in your ability to adapt to change
  • Become Self reliant 
  • Gain clarity of purpose



A Peer-Pod is Your Personal Healing Team! A Peer-Pod is a unique form of healing relationship where 3 Pod Mates are committed to each other’s healing, renewal, and resilience.

Most of these stories are unconscious but they profoundly impact how we lead our lives. The wounds are handed down generation to generation.  Peer-Pods helps to break this chain of suffering. The work of becoming awake and skillful, is largely the work of resolving and reframing these unconscious stories and beliefs.

In a Peer-Pod, we work to find, clear, and reframe these unconscious stories so that we may live unencumbered by the past.

Imagine 3 Pods Mates on a 1-hour phone call every week supporting each other in a structured practice that engages your Inner Healer to resolve the Originating Events that perpetuate your Negative Coping Patterns, Addictions, and Limiting Beliefs.

Addictions, obesity, depression, anxiety, divorce can all be attributed to the absence of authentic connection and the absence of an effective renewal practice.   


Enjoy the Support of Your Own Personal Healing Team


Peer-Pods is a direct approach to accessing your inner struggles and the understanding the contributing factors of your negative thought patterns and actions. 

After completing the 7-week Peer-Pods course, we will pair you with two other individuals in the program who will support and assist you through regular weekly phone meetings in order to implement what you've learned and permanently change your negative thought patterns allowing you to experience a fulfilled life.

just 7 weeks

Peer-Pod Members have shown remarkable results beyond what they expected in just 7 weeks!


More focused than Group Sessions.

 Much less expensive than Private Talk Therapy.

Effective Convenient Inexpensive

A Supportive Community of Professionals for Healers!

Membership Cost

Membership Training - $300 +
Monthly Membership - $15/month


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Connection with 2 Pods Mates to start your practice

7 Weeks of Online Training in the Peer-Pods Process

3 Additional Weeks of supervised Practice Time

10 Weeks of Weekly Q & A calls to answer questions

Access to Peer-Pods Community Resources including future Store, Forum & Marketplace

Access to a Private FaceBook Group Forum for your Class

Continuing Education Certificates in some settings. 

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