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 We provide you a new and effective alternative to inner healing. 
Not group or talk therapy. Not Coaching.
Learn a unique 3 Person healing team practice.


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Described as being "like years worth of therapy every week."

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Learn life changing techniques when you access our 7-module course, which includes inner child work, shadow work, role play, visualizations, and more

Achieve 3 perspectives of healing: The Worker, The Witness, The Facilitator

 Enjoy the weekly opportunity to deepen your capacity for vulnerability and intimacy with your 2 Podmates

Speed the integration of your insights through on-going weekly 1-hour calls with your 2 Podmates

Get help along the way with 30 minute live Q&A per week

Feel empowered knowing that when you heal, your Podmates heal, and so the ripple effect begins...

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What Others Are Saying About Peer-Pods

"Engaging in this practice deepens self-knowledge and provides the opportunity to do the psychological work that is crucial in claiming agency in the world.”

Rory Turner, PhD

PhD Anthropology professor at Goucher College

"The process helps uncover the negative experiences in life that have helped frame everything we do. This approach leads to reframing with a healthier mindset."

Marsha Hammond

Assistant Director of Career Development at MD Institute

"When someone becomes vulnerable, it opens us up to have the courage to look within ourselves. It's a total win-win for everybody because we're all in it together. When YOU heal, I heal."

Bill Denison

Certified Counselor at "Alternative to Violence Project", Maryland

"This unique healing experience is made possible because of those who show up each week. The practice reminds us that healers are not seperate from those being healed, despite what we've been taught.

Heather Keller, RN

University of Maryland Nursing

The Process

How Does It Work?

Achieve profound personal empowerment through the process of finding, clearing, resolving, and integrating the "originating events" that keep you stuck in your negative patterns, addictions, and limiting beliefs. These are transformative and heartfelt experiences.

Discover the Benefits

The Practice

Resilience & Renewal

Resilience is the ability to emerge a more resourceful person when encountering challenges. Gain resilience by continuing to renew the story of limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

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The Community

Peer-Pods Teams

Share authentically with two other peers, support each other's journey, and witness extraordinary healing events week after week. Learn how to show up for yourself so you can also show up for others.

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