Benefits & Results

Break the Cycle

Join our weekly practice to clear your trauma, prevent burnout, support you in your personal and professional challenges, and build your resilience and emotional intelligence. Practice and deepen your capacity for authenticity and vulnerability to build your courage as you work with your unconscious material and that of your coworkers, family, and friends.

Gain Real Results

Resolve Your Trauma

Dissolve symptoms of trauma by finding and resolving THE SOURCE of your addictions, negative coping patterns, and limiting beliefs.

Emotional Intelligence

Stop the unconscious actions that are keeping you stuck. Become a more graceful and skillful human being.

Safe & Supportive Place

Authenticity is prized, vulnerability is valued, integrity is celebrated. All parts of you are welcome without judgment.

Resilience-Building Routine

Have dedicated time to connect with your healing team and find sanctuary and relief from your stresses and anxieties.

Heal Generational Wounds

Minimize the dysfunctionality passed on to children, friends, and loved ones. Break the chains for you and for future generations. 

Build Healing Relationships

The 3-person healing team provides a potent and sacred healing space with worker, witness, and facilitator roles.

Peer-Pods is an initiation at your own pace

Humans are the most powerful creatures on this planet but we are profoundly underdeveloped. An investment in self-awareness and personal evolution produces a greater return than any other. If you want a better life and a better world… it begins within you!

Find your program.

Whether you're new to personal healing or looking to become an expert, Peer-Pods provides effective long-term renewal and resilience-building methods to live a fulfilling life.

*Risk Free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

*Risk Free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee