Deeper Connections are Now Easy to Find with Podmates

relationships Apr 13, 2022

Pod Mates might seem like strangers but they are not. You are exactly right for each other. 

There can be an unspoken fear among people considering joining a Peer-Pod that they won't like their pod mates.

Maybe they won't be skillful enough or kind enough or spiritual enough. Or maybe they will be too old or too young or from a different culture and you fear you won't understand their ways. Or maybe they are coming through some great addiction or profound trauma. 

Yes this is possible. And your resistance and reluctance generated by your fears is a perfect issue to bring to your Peer-Pods practice. 

Yes we screen people and they must be able to learn the process and show up for their team mates. 

Since this is a serious practice for people dedicated to their healing and evolution the required sincerity and commitment to one's own well-being usually will energetically weed out the people who are not ready to do their own work and be good pod mates. 

The differences that remain among pod mates then tend to be opportunities to explore the origins of your own fear and resistance. And our pod mates each have some unique blessings for us. We can't know what blessings may come to help us heal in the beginning. But they will come when we are ready.

This is the work. To explore what obstructs our ability to be fully present in any situation. 

As a practical matter the work goes to the root cause of our fears and resistance. Since everyone has these early unconscious programs that no longer serve us, no longer align with our adult truth, we meet our pod mates in a common ground of healing. This is the human condition.

It's not about the personality of your pod mates, it's about meeting at a place where everyone's personality was formed and working with what needs healing there.

Week to week the practice becomes a great adventure into self-awareness and understanding others. Your relationship with yourself improves dramatically and so do your external relationships in kind. 

As you and your pod mates become more willing to be vulnerable the intimacy of your pod deepens. As intimacy deepens your hearts open and more love and divine energy flow into the pod and each of the pod mates. 

In time the Peer-Pod itself becomes a sacred container dedicated to each pod mate's healing and evolution. 

This 3-person healing team is a sacred new form of healing relationship unlike any other.  As your courage and trust build through your collective willingness to be vulnerable, the healing energy of the Peer-Pod becomes a sanctuary that you rely on as a dedicated space for renewal and resilience building. 

In time great gratitude will arise for your pod mates and all the amazing inner journeys you have taken together. 

It is with your two pod mates that you will go on the most profound journey of your life, the journey to self actualization, a journey of individuation, the journey to be your most empowered self.

So bless your Pod Mates, whoever they are, because they have been sent as your companions for the most amazing healing journey of your life.

Godspeed to all!

Many blessings!

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