Responding To The Great Resignation

career Mar 06, 2022

The Great Resignation is a call by employees to restore balance and harmony in their lives.

The successful employer’s job is to provide a resource base, a platform and practice, that helps employees restore their lives to harmony.

When given the tools and platform to restore their lives to harmony, the energy and attention that is freed up will also flow into their workplace as:

  • Expanded creativity
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Fewer sick days
  • Less turnover
  • Better customer relationships

Going back to the individual: The primary blocks to harmony are the attachments to identity. Freedom comes when identity can be incrementally restructured as life presents us with loss and change. These skills are the foundation of resilience.

Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams provide a platform and practice and tools to continuously transform identity.

We provide a virtual training to train employees to work in their own 3-person healing team format alternating roles of worker, witness, and facilitator each week on a 1-hour call.

The focus of the practice is to find, clear, resolve, and integrate childhood and developmental trauma. This is the real work of midlife, to clear the early programming that perpetuates our negative coping patterns, addictions, and limiting beliefs. If we do this we become skillful and wise. Our hearts get opened and we become empowered.

This is the opening and clearing that the great resignation is calling for. Expanding self-knowledge and self-awareness is the foundation upon which all future constructive change will be based. It can be no other way.

Peer-Pods nurture the seeds of human potential.

Learn more about our program and start your healing journey!

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