The Value of Long Term Inner Work Practice

techniques Apr 04, 2022
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We all know how the insights of a weekend retreat can easily be lost in the unconscious patterns that support our dysfunctional life styles. Evolving as adults requires that we keep practicing, even when we don’t want to, so that we can stretch beyond the comforts and limitations of our old identity.  Evolving as spiritual adults requires that we continuously engage the unknown possibilities, which we call "The Mystery" to step beyond the limitations and stuck-ness of our egos. This takes practice, commitment to your well-being and that of others. 

In western culture many people have realized the value of a regular workout routine to take care of their physical body as a way to prevent illness and promote long term well-being.  Yet when we look at mental, emotional, and spiritual health we find that few people have a long-term renewal practice for these important parts of their lives.

In times of major losses or major changes in a person’s life they may seek group counseling or personal talk therapy for a short while. These measures can be helpful but they have their limitations. Peer-Pods is more focused than group therapy and much less expensive than personal talk therapy.  For the cost of 12 weeks of personal talk therapy you can be in a Peer-Pod for about 6 years.

Being in a long-term practice provides you with several unique opportunities.  You get to see the depth of your commitment to your own well being and that of others.  You get to see how you resist and avoid this simple commitment to your well-being.  The practice format compels you to show up even when you don’t want to, or when it is a “hardship” of some kind. 

The practice format will show you how you resist doing the deep work that would be a great benefit to you. You get to see the stories of avoidance, resistance, and denial that you tell yourself.  And you get to see the “inner critic” and the role this voice plays in your story making.  

You get to learn that accountability comes from keeping your word.  Over time accountability enables the power of your word to grow.  You get to see how able you are to accept and forgive those parts of yourself that are still in resistance to making changes you know will be good for you.  

In a Peer-Pod Personal Healing Team your Pod Mates will have their own stories of resistance and avoidance and denial.  You will get to witness their courage, and how well they show up for themselves and their Pod Mates, and to see your judgements about their performance,  The Peer-Pods Practice provides many mirrors that reflect the truth of our own behavior, the good, the bad, and the inspired.  

The Peer-Pods Practice engages The Mystery as a way to breakthrough the stuck-ness caused by the egoic personality.  Engaging The Mystery enables you to turn toward your avoidance and denial patterns and transform them week after week.  This is very different than the resistance and stuck-ness caused by ego which leads to suffering, denial, and pain.  

Over time, your skills for effectively engaging The Mystery expand.  Over time you develop a trust in The Mystery as part of you.  Over time you learn that… how you respond to your “wounds” is the very action that grows your unique gifts and what brings forth your “gold.”

Over time you develop your skills in service to others of leadership, and stewardship. Over time, as you grow, your work in the Pod will deepen to show the healing power of authenticity, intimacy, and deep connection.

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